MTWO FOR developers

challenges for developers

Lack of Transparency

Various stakeholders working in different platforms makes it difficult to get the information needed and make effective decisions.  

Cost Overrun & Project Delays 

Inefficient pre-construction planning and execution control causes lots of change orders, leading to cost overrun and project delays. 

Dispersed Data 

Data dispersed in multiple systems make it difficult to develop an enterprise knowledge data base for project analysis and future project development. 

how mtwo can help you

Bring clarity to project lifecycles for all stakeholders

With general contractors, subscontractors, consulting firms, suppliers, and every other contributor reporting in one platform, developers have all the data and figures needed to maintain control of every investment. 

Ensure better performance and outcome for your project

With 5D BIM virtual construction planning, you get the time-cost optimized planning and retain control of the project through the physical construction phase. Analyze updated time and cost data through building completion. 

Build a knowledge database for future project management

Collect and analyse best practices, prices, workflows, partners information, and more, in one centralised, protected location. Immortalise valuable insights for future project investment analysis and planning. 

connecting all people, processes and data

MTWO combines RIB's iTWO 4.0 technologies and Microsoft Azure, to offer a cloud-based 5D BIM construction management solution for contractors, developers, and owners - one centralized platform for all stakeholders to collaborate from beginning to end. 

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