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artificial intelligence

The artificial intelligent assistant, designed specifically to support construction professionals

work smarter, more safely and more efficiently

Meet McTWO – your artificial intelligent assistant that runs on machine learning and communicates with you through Voice Assistant and Chatbot features.

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Hands-free onsite inspection and reporting

Construction managers and engineers spend a great deal of time coordinating resources onsite. Equipped with Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology, McTWO helps onsite professionals as they capture and record project data, which allows for rapid job modifications and early risk mitigation.

hands-free quality & safety inspection

Talk directly to McTWO to get safety and quality checklists and report issues on the spot to initiate emergency response protocols

instant progress checking & reporting

Ask McTWO to show you lists of delayed, ongoing or finished activities. Check the status of the activities and update progress

effortless communication

Make calls, send emails, and schedule meetings directly through McTWO, allowing you to focus on tasks without interruption




Instant access to the information you need

Access the critical project information you need simply through a conversation with McTWO Chatbot. When different project roles such as estimators, procurement managers and project managers send project related questions, McTWO quickly responds with accurate answers, providing insights, predictions or warnings regarding their workflows.

machine learning

Automate construction workflows and process

McTWO is a machine learning solution – an engine that takes in and processes every bit of your data to provide insights, predictions and recommendations for the entire project lifecycle. Through the deep analysis of project data and workflows in MTWO database,  it helps to automate processes, detect mismanagement and uncovers hidden risks. 

Automated QTO & Estimating

McTWO applies calculation rules to 3D models to produce data-based comprehensive project cost estimating and quantity takeoff.

augmented procurement management

McTWO classifies your material data into categories to save manual work. Make procurement suggestions that benefit your budget.

risk forecasting

McTWO identifies hidden risk and measures cost and time impact on project, helping to deliver projects on time and within budget.


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