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business intelligence

MTWO Control Tower - the BI solution for construction

make better decisions across your projects and enterprise

From day-to-day project management to business strategies creation, MTWO Control Tower serves executives and managers with real-time transparency into enterprise-wide business performance – from business overview to granular construction process insight. Only a single version of the truth with all of your project data connected in one Complete Construction Cloud will realise this. Make better decisions across your projects and enterprise with business intelligence in MTWO.



With all your project data in a single SQL server database, you can develop any kind of Business Intelligence reports and dashboards.

interactive data visualisation

Understand your data quicker and easier with the visualised dashboards and reports. Interact with the data to gain deeper insight, discover root causes.

holistic and actionable insights

The data analytics provides a holistic overview on real-time project overall performance and actionable insight on any business process.

If you own the DATA, you can do the analysis, you can also draw conclusions better than others. And suddenly you get into digital business models that will add additional business opportunities for your companies that it didn’t have in the past.

- Gernot Strube

Senior Partner of McKinsey & Company

powerful dashboards for your construction business

MTWO Control Tower provides out of the box report and dashboard templates on business processes such as bidding, quality management, defect analytics, risk management, RFIs, estimates and procurement management.

The interactive reports and dashboards allow you to drill down, filter, and sort to explore the data for more insights.


bidding overview


risk overview


project overview


contract overview


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