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Office standards are the key to productivity. Our technical team can build a Revu® profile that is customised to your teams requirements with our Cloud A2K Revu Integration.

When users across an office are working from the same office standard, our clients quickly see improvements in consistency and productivity. Cloud A2K’s Revu Integration will establish a robust Revu Profile based on your existing project workflows.

4 Phase approach...

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1/2 day workflow analysis

Cloud A2K’s consultant-led workflow analysis aims to help you develop an understanding of your current design technology environment and take the first critical steps in aligning this technology with your business objectives to create a seamless project workflow. We’ll work with you to create a shared definition of success which is customised for your business needs. 



  • Identify where Revu can be used in each process of the business:

    • General Mark-ups 

    • RFI

    • Standard Forms 

    • Document Management 

    • And more

  • Capture existing Revu setup in preparation for Phase 2 and 3. 


Note: It is recommended that this Workflow Analysis is a face-to-face session.

1/2 day custom profile creation

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The Cloud A2K Technician will look at existing examples of your projects, whether they be paper or digital, and what was captured during Phase 1, to establish an office standard when using Revu software.




  • Establish an office Revu Profile

  • Toolchest creation

  • Custom column setup

  • Office stamps

  • Custom linetypes

  • Custom hatch patterns

Note: The extent of what can be created will be limited to time available in the remaining time after Phase 1 and the discretion of the Technician. Our Technician will outline during Phase 1 what can be established in this time. 

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custom training

Our Technician’s use their broad range of Revu implementation to then create customised training session(s) tailored for your company based on the findings during Phase 1.




  • 1-day mini training session (days can be expanded to suit more staff

  • On-site or online training

  • All training is based on a maximum of 10 staff, depending on the training outline we can suit:

    • 1 group of 10 per day - Comprehensive Session

    • 2 groups of 10 per day - Focussed Session
  • Cloud A2K Revu Training manual

  • Cloud A2K Webinar Lunch & Learn follow up within 1 month

  • Access to Cloud A2K Customer Care Webinars (Conditions Apply*) 


Note: Trainings topics will be discussed and agreed upon before being delivered. Training will be based on the custom Bluebeam profile, toolchests or Custom Columns created in Phase 2. 

*Only 1 available for clients with Maintenance

strategic training roadmap

Audience Clapping



At the final phase of Revu Integration, A2K will recommend a customised list of additional training courses based on your business and staff needs. 




  • Further Custom Column, Toolchest, Layer, Import/Export standards and Company Profile(s) set-up

  • Advanced user training to continue the development of high-level users

  • Support Program after initial training:

    • Level 1 - This is the base level where users can access support via non-direct contact (phone, email - conditions apply*)

    • Level 2 - This allows a more interactive approach for users and support. This will allow ongoing upskilling based on support questions. Webinars and remote sessions will also be available

    • Level 3 - All use of Level 1 + Level 2 and fully custom training for local offices and project sites. These are scoped per request.

*Only 1 available for clients with Maintenance

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