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The importance of people and their respective skills is never clearer than when an organisation is attempting to grow or win new business. 

It begs the question: do you have the right people with the best skills to succeed? Sometimes, the question is simpler: how do you make your existing people more efficient? 

An employee's skills are particularly important when new technology is to be implemented into a business. Our training team can help boost your team's technical capabilities, allowing to maximise the return on your software investment. 

As the building and construction industry transforms, companies will be required to step up, innovate and meet compliance requirements. Are you ready? 

We've been working with a number of providers within the architecture, engineering and construction industries to enable their professionals to achieve their personal best through training. 

Our team are industry specialists and we've invested heavily in developing our professional programs to meet your industry requirements. Most importantly, we align our programs with your organisation's goals and vision for the future to ensure you receive a return on your investment now and in the future. 

Let us help you future-proof your organisation by empowering your people with knowledge and tools to innovate and inspire the design and construction of world class projects. 

Bluebeam Training


Revu Integration

Rapid Start

BlueBurst Training

Revu Integration.PNG
Revu Rapid Start.PNG

Revu Discovery Workshops

Discovery Workshop front cover.PNG

Studio Sessions

Studio Sessions front page.PNG

Revu Basics

Bluebeam Revu Basics_front cover.png
Bluebeam Revu Basics_back cover.png

Toolchest Creation

Tracking Changes to Drawings

Marking up Drawings

Sessions for Value Management Workshops

Tracking Site Issues

Changes to Drawings that are not Clouded

Value Management + Cost Reduction

 Data-poor Information On Site

Creating and Collaborating in a Bluebeam Studio Session


  • Classroom training 

  • On-site training 

  • Online training 

  • Customised training programs 

  • Skills assessment 

  • Mentoring and ongoing support programs 

  • Instructors with unrivalled technical expertise and hands-on project experience

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