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Build faster, smarter and better.

The use of RIB's Solution presented numerous advantages during all our BIM projects: precise amounts, reliable calculation, combined with realistic construction workflow planning, simply the collaboration concept.



challenges for contractors

Profit Loss from Planning Errors 

Project planning without comprehensive collaboration is causing errors, delays and lost profits. 

Wasted Time in Information Gathering 

Project teamwork on multiple platforms creates information silos, delaying and disrupting collaboration. 

Decision Making with Incomplete Data 

Fragmented, unstructured or delayed data impedes effective decision making. 

how mtwo can help you


Maximise profit with BIM - enabled lifecycle management 

With BIM models integrated into the planning workflow, you can manage the entire project lifecycle in one platform to avoid oversights. With complete transparency between all contributors, you will save money and shorten project timelines. 


Collaborate seamlessly and efficiently 

Connect all stakeholders - along with their talents, perspectives, and data - in one cohesive project delivery solution. Eliminate information silos for consistency and significantly better communication. In turn, shrink risk factors and increase profitability. 


Drive decision-making with powerful data

With anytime, anywhere access to enterprise level project dashboards, decision makers always have complete insight into project costs, schedules, resources, risks, and more. 

connecting all people, processes and data

MTWO combines RIB's iTWO 4.0 technologies and Microsoft Azure, to offer a cloud-based 5D BIM construction management solution for contractors, developers, and owners - one centralised platform for all stakeholders to collaborate from beginning to end. 



C-level management

Access real-time project and business portfolio overview anytime, anywhere. Make data-driven decisions.

bim teams

Import the models based on shop drawing design,  manage multi-version models and preview CAD drawing.

quantity surveyors

Generate automated quantities with an innovative 3D takeoff approach.


Create the most thorough, precise estimating with 3D models, and resource data from previous projects.


Develop optimised construction schedules and arrange your workforce and resources accordingly.

bidding teams

Easily generate multi-version bids from internal estimated budgets.

project managers

Control project progress, quality, safety, etc. coordinate resources effectively to improve project delivery.

procurement teams

Manage the whole procurement process in one platform and get building items delivered on time.

onsite staff

Keep track of onsite activities and report issues with mobile apps.

finance teams

Manage accruals, payable, billing schema and more financial processes across all projects in one platform.

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