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Learn how to extract rate calculations from PDF drawings, linking the calculations to excel using the Bluebeam software. Bluebeam can make your life easier. Let us show you how. 



The first video provides an overview of the overall process. Please watch this to understand the goals and general methodology. 

Screen Shot 2018-08-01 at 2_44_41 PM.png


The second video shows how to calibrate scales and select the areas to calculate rates from using a variety of methods. 

Screen Shot 2018-08-01 at 2_45_07 PM.png


The third video shows how to link the areas selected in the previous video so that calculations can be done easily. 

possibilities are endless.

The possibilities are virtually endless with Bluebeam Revu - it's just a matter of having the knowledge to explore it's full potential. As a Bluebeam Platinum Partner, our team can help you maximise your workflow and capabilities so you can get the most out of the software. 

Our video series will look further into the capabilities of Bluebeam and provide a tutorial on how you can help your business follow the trend and become a paperless office. 

Did you know that rates can be calculated from pdf and linked interactively to excel? This powerful tool does just that and will automate workflows allowing you to work more efficiently. 

Register for our video series today and start working smarter. 

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