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Maximise your PDF productivity with blueburst training

For experienced users, Cloud A2K’s BlueBurst sessions focus on filling the existing knowledge

gaps in how to use Bluebeam Revu. For new users to Revu, we provide quick accessible learning with 1.5hr training. This can be conducted with the option of online, face-to-face or a combination of both.

Topics can be staggered to suit your availability and delivered at your own pace. Each topic is based on Revu functions that will be taught by an experienced trainer to up-skill and improve your productivity in Revu PDF workflows.

We have a shopping cart of Training Options

our available classes

- 2019 Revu Interface 

- PDF Templates (New PDF + Reports) 

- Markups and Editing PDFs

- Toolchest Creation 

- Markup Panel 

- 3D PDFs 

- Profile Creation 

- Studio Projects 

- Studio Sessions 

- Revu Deployment 

- Overlay, Compare + Batch Options 

- Bluebeam Dashboards 

- Java Scripting 

- Stamp Creation 

- Document Management 

From your selection of BlueBursts, Cloud A2K offers two choices for the training delivery, online or on-premises. Each BlueBurst takes 1.5hrs and is broken down into sub-topics that complete the BlueBurst topic. We use a 60-minute instructor-led step by step explanation in each sub-topic, followed by a 30-minute open Q&A. This method allows attendees to critique the training and ensure that they understand the training and can adapt it to their workflows.

Learn more about BlueBurst Training here:


Online training

Our online offering can be exclusively for your company or as part of our open BlueBurst series that Cloud A2K run regularly. Our staff will be in contact with you about any computer requirements that may need arranging before the BlueBursts. After the BlueBurst online training, Cloud A2K provides access to the recording via Bluebeam Studio Session and copy of the training manual for that topic.

On-premise training

For one day of training, we suggest 4 x 1.5hr BlueBursts, each containing a maximum of 10 people to ensure optimum results for the training. If your company requires more than 4 BlueBursts, then additional days will be added. This allows companies to run different BlueBursts that suit the skill gaps that they find that their staff may have. After the BlueBurst on-premise training, Cloud A2K provides a copy of the training manual for that topic.

Register for BlueBurst training here:


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