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How Bluebeam Helps The Mining and Manufacturing Industries

Our two latest Bluebeam webinars show you just how Bluebeam Revu can benefit the Manufacturing and Mining Industries.

You may have heard about how Bluebeam helps Architecture, Engineering and Construction companies but did you also know it can be used on mine sites, manufacturing plants and factories?

Bluebeam software was designed to help businesses with project coordination and with the ability to connect and collaborate with colleagues worldwide in real-time. Revu provides access to a complete set of mark up, editing and collaboration features and can improve productivity for any size business.

Check out our webinars below.

Bluebeam for Mining

Bluebeam for Manufacturing

To learn more about how Cloud A2K can help you with Bluebeam visit our website or contact us today

1800 223 562


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