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Go live in 48Hrs - RIB MTWO construction cloud launches a 48-hour solution

Accelerating digital transformation for the construction

and real estate industry

Stuttgart, Germany, March 20, 2020. RIB Software SE, the world’s leading provider of iTWO 4.0 Cloud enterprise platform technology, is proud to launch the ‘MTWO Cloud 48-Hour’ solution that strives to shorten the 3 to 6-months implementation cycle to not more than 48 hours after contract signing. RIB has set up a ready-to-use, pre-defined implementation that contains best practice solutions for different clients, such as contractors, owners, investors and developers in specific regions across the world.

Speed to value - get MTWO Complete Construction Cloud up and running within 48 hours

The digital transformation wave that is taking over the construction sector has a decisive impact on today’s project management. Construction management software plays an important role in keeping construction projects under control and ensuring they progress according to plan. However, one of the top challenges contractors, developers and project owners face is the time spent on the implementation phase of construction software, which can take months and even years to get a fully equipped system up and running, in turn impeding project performance. Many construction leaders have experienced this challenge and frustration of system roll-out that can come with implementing digital construction systems, not only from the length of time for deployment, but also from the overhead costs brought on by system implementation. Fast deployment mitigates these issues. The ‘MTWO Go Live in 48 Hours’ solution is designed specifically to reduce this long implementation time to within 48 hours as best-practice standards, workflows and templates are pre-configured for fast deployment.

MTWO Complete Construction Cloud

Purpose-built for the building, construction and infrastructure industry by RIB Software, MTWO is the Complete Construction Cloud for contractors, real estate developers, and project owners – one centralised platform for all stakeholders to collaborate at every phase of the building process. From initial concept to completion, MTWO is a one-cloud platform for the whole project loop. Powered by one single source of truth, the platform supports real-time enterprise-wide collaboration with data that can be trusted. Meaningful metrics, displayed through the MTWO Control Tower, gives team members the real-time information necessary to know project performance in scope, costs, schedule, safety, quality, just to name a few, both overall and in detail. Our industry knowledge and expertise are combined with AI technologies to automate operations, turn data into insights to drive real-time decision-making, and eliminate tedious routine tasks for users.

More resources: For a deep dive on MTWO Complete Construction Cloud, head over to this blog.

The ‘MTWO Go Live in 48Hrs’ landscape

The ‘MTWO Go Live in 48Hrs’ solution includes three core elements that allow enterprises to get up and running within 48 hours. This is made possible by the 3-day hackathon lab session prior signing where both teams come together to map out the perfect IT landscape for the client.

  1. Pre-configured best-practice standards, workflows and templates: allow for rapid deployment.

  2. Built-in integration with BIM 360 & Revit & Office 365: easy to configure with mainstream construction software so that nobody ends up working in silos during the building process

  3. Scalable for future configuration & integration: set up flexible processes based on how you work that evolves with the business.

Core modules to ensure success within 48 Hours

For smooth project lifecycle management, enterprises can expect these essential configurations and core modules up and running within 48 hours:

  • Enterprise-specific modules, including enterprise resources, characteristics, billing schema, standard reports and dashboards, procurement configuration, calendar, payment term, work item catalogue, shift master, resource master, cost code, procurement structure, controlling cost codes, and invoicing;

  • Regional-specific standards, including country, currency, construction systems (structural, architectural, mechanical, plumbing, landscape), material catalogue, and assemblies;

  • And sample contents based on industry standards, including unit, standard process workflows, and sample projects with details in quantity takeoff, estimation, material and subcontract packages, schedule, 5D simulations, invoicing, defects, and enterprise resources.

RIB global community distribution and support

The ‘MTWO Go Live in 48 Hours’ solution is offered through our global distribution and support network, including U.S. CAD in North America, Cloud A2K in Australia, New Zealand and the UK, Capricot and SoftTech in India, Levtech in the Middle East, as well as Microsoft key account managers, ensuring each customer connects with the best partner in their region. Our global implementation team is there to assist in any after-sale queries or implementation challenges.

Up to the present the first thirteen MTWO Cloud 48-Hours implementation with contractors, real estate developers, and project owners successfully went live in the US, Europe, Middle East and APAC countries.

Kick off the 2020s on the right path by fast-tracking your digital transformation

To get the platform up and running without the hassle, overhead costs, and time normally associated with integrating BIM systems is, nowadays, becoming a priority for today’s business. With the ‘MTWO Go Live in 48Hrs’ solution, shorter implementation and early adoption empowers our customers to kick off the 2020s on the right path, allowing for better planning, better collaboration, better decision-making, and ultimately, better construction and long-term growth.

“To become a modern and advanced industry, the construction industry has to integrate ‘Virtual into Physical’, first build virtually, then physically; capture all the data from all stakeholders and utilize this data”, said Tom Wolf, Chairman and CEO of RIB Software, “with the MTWO Go Live in 48 Hours, we are delivering our end-to-end MTWO Complete Construction Cloud faster and making it more affordable for the construction industry across the globe.”

Paul Laycock, the Senior Vice President RIB Global Alliance Partner Management, added, “the combined Power of the “Go Live in 48 Hours” and the Autodesk Construction solutions especially BIM 360 will provide the absolute best in class digital transformation solutions for the construction and real-estate Industries. With a Solutions team of over 1000 people across the globe, there is no greater team that can deliver the quality and depth of software integration for these industries.”


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