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Bluebeam Revu for Takeoffs


Create Better Tenders With The Best Quantity Takeoff Software

Make capturing project scopes and creating strong tenders simple with construction takeoff tools in Revu®.


A Takeoff & Estimating Software For Every Specialty

Revu has unique markup and measurement tools for contractors in the speciality trades.


Effortlessly switch between different units of measurement on a single drawing to ensure you make the most accurate bid possible.


Optimise your take-offs by sharing a standardised set of take-off tools with your team. Now it’s easy to get a comprehensive summary of concrete work, such as cubic volume of footings, linear footage of formwork and surface area of slabs.


Easily apply industry-standard symbols to identify and count electrical items and fixtures, measure lengths of conduit and segmented runs of wiring – including vertical rise and drop – and link your material take-off quantities to Excel®.


Measure segmented lengths of ducting (including vertical rises and drops) and volume of rooms for air flow, and easily scan drawings for VAV devices, thermostats or equipment tags.

Interior Finishes

Finishers love the ability to easily measure width and height of typical finish materials such as interior glazing, wall panelling, ceiling systems, flooring systems, and more when working in Revu.


Navigate and mark up complex tender sets, measure and total the lengths of supply, waste and gas lines – including rises and drops – and seamlessly link your material take-off totals to Excel®.


The right tools for the job


Search for symbols within PDFs and add hyperlinks and highlights, or even apply custom counts to search results.


Create a visual summary of markup data on your PDF, which automatically updates as markups are added or modified.


Seamlessly link measurement totals from multiple PDFs to Excel worksheets for automatic tender calculations using your own pre-defined formulas and formats.


Store your preferred toolbars, tool sets and display settings in a custom interface profile, or choose from pre-loaded profiles.


Section off and fill complex drawing regions to easily generate markups, measurements and spaces.


Easily take measurements from detail sheets by creating multiple scaled viewports in a single drawing.

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