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Bluebeam Revu 20.1 Has now Been Released

Revu 20.1 expands on the Markup tool and Studio enhancements in Revu 20.0, and also includes updated support for SharePoint, so you can securely authenticate Revu and open documents in any modern browser.

What’s New


  • Updated support for SharePoint, so you can open PDFs stored in SharePoint securely in Revu from any current browser.


  • When signing into Studio, you’ll now need to enter your email address before you’re prompted for a password.

  • Admins now have the ability to securely reassign markup ownership when a collaborator permanently leaves a Session, saving time and reducing confusion in the process. New owners will also receive an email alerting them to their new status. Changes in ownership will be noted in the Session record and can be included in summaries and reports.

It’s now possible to reassign a denied Session user’s markups to an active user. Session admins can reassign markups by going to Session Settings and selecting Attendees.


  • A visual indicator will appear on Markups that have replies in the Markups list, so you’re always aware when comments require your attention. Clicking this icon will take you directly to the replies in the Markups list, or you can hover over the icon to see a preview of the reply.

  • The “Apply to Pages” functionality for markups is improved, letting you apply markups to a custom range of pages or to all Even, Odd, Landscape, or Portrait pages.

You can apply markups to a custom page range, which may include any combination of individual pages or page ranges, separated by commas.

  • When placing several markups, you’ll now see a progress bar so you can track the process.

  • The behavior of leader lines in Callouts and Text Boxes is improved and will now automatically adjust to prevent overlap when the shapes of those markups are changed.


  • Real-time measurement values are now shown in a small tooltip-style table in the lower-right corner of the drawing as you place measurements.

Measurement values appear and update in real-time in a small window in the lower-right corner of Revu as you place measurements.


  • Added support for SolidWorks 2021.

  • PDFs generated using the Batch PDF function in the Word plugin can now automatically generate bookmarks based on names of files in the batch.

  • Bookmark configurations can be saved in the ACAD plugin.

What’s Fixed

  • Fixed an issue with Enterprise License registration on Virtual Machines.

  • Addressed a problem causing printing to stop after a couple pages for some printers.

  • Corrected bugs concerning Batch Slip Sheets.

  • Fixed some issues related to saving files to network drive.

  • Improved the handling of user-installed fonts.

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