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Right now, more people than ever are working from home – and that includes AEC professionals. We want to make sure that our customers can work uninterrupted. So, we want to remind you about the built-in tools within Bluebeam Revu that allow you to work remotely.

This includes Bluebeam Studio, a truly free tool specifically designed to enable you to work and collaborate remotely that is provided with every Revu licence.

Firstly, What is Bluebeam Revu?

If you don't already know Bluebeam Revu is a PDF markup tool. But it does more than just add red text to a drawing. Studio Projects enables remote file sharing with other people, and Studio Sessions enables remote collaborative design reviews and markups. 

This means you can share files, any files, in Studio Projects, like Windows Explorer but in the Cloud. Studio Sessions allow up to 500 people to Markup and edit a document at the same time, live. This is where working from home for the AEC Community gets easier.

Bluebeam has a 30 day trial for Revu, and while you are in trial mode, all the features work.  Bluebeam does not add restrictions on functionality while you are trialling it out.

Or you can request a demonstration via the link below.


  1. Backup + Restore Settings

If you’re using Revu on a separate home computer, you’ll likely want to retain the same tool sets and profiles you use in the office. You can do this by backing up your settings, and then restoring those settings onto a new computer. Be sure to save your backup file to a portable device, or upload it to a location you can access from your new computer.

2. Downloading + installing onto a new computer

You may need to download and install Revu if you’re using another computer outside the office. Revu 2019 uses the same installer across all editions. For Revu 2018 & below, be sure to download the edition specific to your Serial Number and Product Key. For example, if your licence is assigned to Revu 2018 Standard, you will not be able to use the same licencing information for Revu 2018 eXtreme. You can find your Serial Number and Product Key on the licence certificate sent to you by

3. Registering a New Computer

If you are the licence owner and have access to your Serial Number and Product Key, you may want to unregister your office computer before using another computer outside the office. This will ensure you have enough seats available under your licence.

4. Studio Projects + Sessions

Studio allows you to keep working on your projects outside the office, even if you’re offline. Since Projects are stored in the cloud, you can access them from any computer with a full working copy of Revu. You can also continue collaborating with your project teams in real-time with Studio Sessions.

Learn how to use studio sessions

Further info FROM BLUEBEAM

Bluebeam Studio FAQs

Bluebeam has written the following Knowledge Base article about Revu Work From Home Essentials

There are numerous short videos about Studio available on the Bluebeam support website:


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