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Revu 2019 is Coming!

Bluebeam has announced that Revu 2019 will be released on October 29. This is will be the most stable and feature the fastest rendering times of any Bluebeam.

We here at Cloud A2K have been Beta testing it for many months now, thinking of our Clients' Workflows and how we can challenge the software and break something. The good news to report is that there has been a lot of work on bug fixes and issues that users may have come across in 2018, we like 2019 very much.

A key feature is the dedicated Rendering Engine and a Preference Setting to "Allow Render Preview when Panning."

One feature that many will also like is the Preset Calibration options and that the Scale of the PDF is displayed as thumbnails.

We had a few customers provide feedback throughout our Support Log and via their Sales Managers that there are no notifications about minor updates. Well, that has been fixed too, with a pop-up that will inform the user that a minor update is available. And not to worry IT Crowd, this can be displayed in the Deployment.

Lastly of the more interesting items, is the updated Deployment Configuration Interface. It has been streamlined and is generally easier to use.

If you would like to know more about the new features, register for Bluebeam's very own Webinar on the 29 October.

On the 8 November, you can also check out our Bluebeam 2019 Workflows Webinar, where we will show the new features and how they can improve your efficiency.

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