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How Bluebeam Revu Helps The Housing and Construction Industries

Bluebeam Revu allows your team to efficiently collaborate on the setup of project PDFs in real-time or just any time, enabling them to access and navigate the design documents they need faster. Below we show you just how Revu can be used to help those working in the housing and construction markets.

Bluebeam for Construction

This webinar will walk you through how to optimise your next construction project and help your teams onsite by utilising digital dashboards, 3D PDFs and creating mark-up lists so that you can review your designs and see exactly what has been changed throughout the stages of construction.


This webinar will teach you how you can boost productivity with Bluebeam Revu while planning your building and collaborate better on documents such as building approvals, tender submissions, grant applications and more. Revu can also help you work with external third parties such as councils and certifiers to build hand-over packs.


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