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Fibre cement: The new choice for contemporary construction

Original article by Architecture and Design can be found here

As the Australian construction industry continues its period of sustained growth, the demand for fast, efficient construction products and materials that don’t compromise on performance or aesthetics is increasing. Architects and builders are searching for alternatives to conventional materials that respond to the unique demands of contemporary construction, including efficiency and fire performance.

In their new whitepaper, Fibre cement: The new choice for contemporary construction, fibre cement and lightweight composition specialists Cemintel outline how fibre cement can meet the requirements of contemporary façade construction.

The whitepaper begins with an explanation of fibre cement that includes its history and manufacturing process. It then proceeds to explore its key performance benefits: durability, fire performance, and thermal and acoustic insulation. Following this, the whitepaper shifts its focus toward the aesthetic benefits of fibre cement, which include design flexibility and a versatile aesthetic. To conclude, Cemintel highlights the compatibility of fibre cement with contemporary prefinished construction and present BareStone™, a prefinished fibre cement panel system for commercial and residential design.

A subdivision of CSR, one of Australia and New Zealand’s most trusted building products companies, Cemintel is a leading provider of fibre cement products to the Australasian market. Across the region, the Cemintel name is synonymous with sustainability, innovation, and a seamless marriage of style and functionality.

To learn more about fibre cement and how it can be used to elevate your next façade project and meet stringent industry requirements, download Fibre cement: The new choice for contemporary construction.


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