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Bluebeam Revu 20 is here. Here's 6 ways it Can Boost Productivity on your next AEC project

The latest version of Bluebeam Revu makes it easier than ever for your team to instantly collaborate – anytime, anywhere. Below are just 6 ways it helps you and your team work better together.

1. Enhanced Collaboration

Easily invite and manage collaborators on your project and make sure the right individuals have the right access to the right information. Revu 20 includes an Australian-based server which helps to improve collaboration and helps with data residency laws that your company may have to comply with. A new invitation process now allows you to see who has and who has not started collaborating and you can easily send reminders accordingly.

2. Easier Markup Access

Effectively track, manage and interpret data that is captured on your drawings and documents to inform the decisions you make on your project.

3. Better Communication

Communicate clearly and more easily with improvements to some of the most widely used Markups, such as Callout and Textbox.

4. Improved Tools

Improved measurement tools mean you can save time and ensure better accuracy throughout the duration of your projects. There's also improvements in the way of text autosize, hex shapes and line types. The Bluebeam Studio interface has also had an upgrade.

5. Increased Functionality

The new tool finder allows easier access to functionality.

6. Save even more time

Save time and increase efficiency with faster loading and interacting with Markup-heavy


Watch our webinar below where one of our in-house Bluebeam expert technicians walks you through all the new improvements Revu 20 has to offer.

Learn more about Bluebeam:


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