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14 Customers that Love iTWO Technology

Every day can be Valentine’s Day when you have a reliable and competent technology partner that loves helping your business scale, thrive and digitise.

RIB Software has been developing software solutions for the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) industry since 1961. And from day one their mission has been transforming the AEC industry into one of the most advanced industries in the world.

To celebrate Valentine’s Day this year, let’s take a look at why their customers from different industries and regions love iTWO technology.

DB Bahnbau Gruppe GmbH

A subsidiary of Deutsche Bahn AG (The German Railway)

Markus Egerer, chairman of the management board and managing director technology of DB Bahnbau Gruppe, "We have expanded our existing iTWO contingent, so that by the end of the year 500 employees, represented in all service units, will calculate and control their construction projects uniformly and in a single application. In RIB we have found a strong and forward-looking partner who, just like us, lives the issues of sustainability and digitisation and will continue to drive them forward together with us."

Autobahn GmbH des Bundes (The German Highway Authority Ltd.)

One of the largest infrastructure operators in Germany

Anne Rethmann, managing director of finance at the German Highway Authority, "The German Highway Authority looks after one of the most important transport networks and public goods in Germany. The integration of the innovative iTWO technology will help us to successfully implement one of the biggest infrastructure policy reforms of the past decades and it will support us in using resources more effectively and ensuring the quality of the German motorways in the future as well."


A service company that takes care of all commercial and

information technology tasks of the entire STRABAG Group

Thomas Hanschitz, Head of IT Purchasing at STRABAG BRVZ, "STRABAG brings people, building materials and equipment to the right place at the right time, thus realising complex construction projects on schedule and in the right quality. This can only be consistently realised at our side with committed employees, strong partners and state-of-the-art technical equipment at our side. STRABAG has successfully relied on the innovative iTWO technology of the RIB for several years in the planning and calculation of its projects and has decided to expand the already existing licence volume. We are convinced that with this step, we will continue to drive forward digitisation within the entire STRABAG Group."

Société Nationale des Habitations à Bon Marché

A public promoter from Luxembourg specialising in the design and

construction of single-family homes and apartment buildings

Hendrik Rolvering, head of finance and administration at SNHBM, "Our goal is to use iTWO 4.0 to handle our construction processes throughout the company in a consistent and uniform manner. In addition to the management of all projects, the management of interested parties and customer data is also to be simplified and optimized by the software solution. We look forward to working with the RIB and iTWO 4.0."

ISS Communication Services GmbH

A subsidiary of ISS Facility Services Holding GmbH,

one of the world's largest facility services providers

Karsten Mostersteg, director Information Communication Technologies, "RIB has already been supporting us since last year with iTWO in order to be able to manage and implement projects even better. In the next step we decided to expand the software and to map the complete process from the offer phase to the execution phase with the iTWO 4.0 platform. In addition, the entire collaboration with our planners and suppliers is to take place via the portal functionality of the platform. By integrating all project participants, we save superfluous interfaces and thus ensure an immense reduction in workload. In addition to the innovative technology, we were convinced by the openness of the platform and the experience of the RIB in dealing with major customer projects in the areas of planning, construction and operation."


The largest construction company in Lithuania

Julius Gendvilis, CEO of Mitnija, "Mitnija always aims to increase efficiency of its core operations and internal processes and we understand it as a never-ending continuing procedure, which needs special tools. Teaming up with RIB iTWO 4.0, a 5D BIM Big Data technology we find it as the best way of accomplishing our targets. After complete integration, we are aiming to change the way we build: digitalized planning and execution process, cloud-based communication internally and with external parties, compliance with international norms and standards. Furthermore, Mitnija will ensure much faster construction - our virtual design system will connect all project data and automatically track and implement changes in the projects. We are looking forward to start this cooperation based on partnership and mutual understanding."

Lehmann Group

One of the leading Swiss timber construction companies

Katharina Lehmann, owner and CEO of the Lehmann Group, "In order to improve our entire core process, we decided to use a fully integrated construction industry solution. In addition to the seamless, digital coverage of our planning and execution process, the digital collaboration with our suppliers using Swiss and German norms and standards was important to us. The possibility to display all locations and company divisions in one system and thus combining the construction industry and business management was what finally convinced us."


The third largest Austrian construction industry group with

branches and subsidiaries in 19 countries

Peter Gal, board member and CDO of SWIETELSKY AG, "For several years we have been successfully calculating our projects with iTWO from RIB. For us it was a logical step to expand the existing solution. With the iTWO platform, we have opted for a modern and sustainable solution that will make further processes more effective from now on - for example, during the execution of our projects and the evaluation of our construction sites. The aim is to digitise all relevant work processes in a future-proof manner and to introduce a comprehensive iTWO solution in all areas of SWIETELSKY's business."


One of the leading companies in earthworks based in Germany

Dr. Hans-Hermann Hüttemann, managing director of ECOSOIL Holding GmbH, "We are convinced that we will immensely optimise our relevant business processes by using the iTWO platform. Our employees start with the calculation of projects in iTWO - later other processes are digitised, such as the procurement and purchasing of materials or the detailed evaluation of our projects. In RIB we have found a strong, forward-looking partner with whom we will essentially drive forward the digitisation in our company."

Avintia Group

A leader in construction in Spain and

a leading company of reference within the sector

Juan Jesús González, General Director of Planning and Organization of Avintia Group, "MTWO is the core of the entire system because through technology it allows removing the human error that exists in this type of project and to parameterise all construction processes. It minimises the risks of the project, logically it allows us to grow and make industrialized construction a reality, offering a successful product."

China Railway Engineering Consulting Group

A large comprehensive survey & design group specializing in project planning, engineering survey, design, consultancy, construction supervision, EPC contracting, and railway related products research and development

Wang Xiaogang, Head of BIM Center Jinan & General Manager of Digitisation at Jinan Branch, China Railway Engineering Consulting Group, “iTWO 4.0 is an enterprise-level management platform that’s capable of managing multi projects. The platform also meets our requirements on project collaboration, ERP, and Project Management integration, database structure, and more. RIB’s innovative concepts also align with our own future development strategy. We are looking to keep Running Together with RIB Software in the field of BIM in railway infrastructure.”

China State Construction 4th Engineering Bureau 6th Corp. Ltd

A subsidiary of China State Construction, a world-leading construction group

Zhou Zilu, Chief Engineer at China State Construction, “We implemented the iTWO management system for the metro project. We optimised the planning and analysed cost comparisons. The project was capped 56 days prior to the original plan. Not only our margins were guaranteed, we also achieved good social benefits. After this project, we won more metro line projects.”


Leading prefabrication company in China

Chen Peng, Vice President of Digitalization at MYHOME PREFABRICATION, “Based on the iTWO platform, the data flows downstream effectively, avoiding information silos among different departments, which is an important element of digitisation. The collaboration and communication efficiency is enhanced, eliminating the information inconsistency issue we had before.”

Fabcon Precast

A leading manufacturer in structural precast concrete wall panels

with four strategically placed manufacturing facilities across the U.S.

Kim Capel, Vice President of Technical Services at Fabcon, "We are thrilled to be working with RIB as a strong global partner with extensive experience in the precast industry. The iTWO platform will allow us to transform our business practices allowing us full system integration, all the way through our business, manufacturing, and field processes, providing a scalable flexible solution."

Here are some of the most-loved features of iTWO technology:

  • Comprehensive functionalities for all projects, all people, and all processes.

  • Single source of truth and enterprise control tower.

  • Scalable and adaptable to change when the business grows bigger and more complex.

  • Continuous investment in future technologies such as Mixed Reality to help our clients always stay up to date.

  • The solid digital foundation for long-term success.


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