A comprehensive, ADAC 4.1 compliant software solution designed to automate and speed up the as-built process. It is designed to be intuitive and easy to use, with features that simplify and standardise the processing of as-built data. 

Designed to assist with the efficiency and effectiveness of processes for council contractors and councils, Blackbox22 users can easily comply with council requirements by using customised templates specific to council. 

Providing quality control and certainty of design, Blackbox22 utilises error checking to immediately notify the user when data does not comply with council requirements. The software flags errors allowing these errors to be rectified or an explanation to be provided with the submission.


Blackbox22 allows for increased productivity by reducing time required to lodge as constructed data. Councils can directly import data into GIS systems eliminating the need for manual entering. 

The instant reporting capabilities of Blackbox22 allows users to generate up-to-date relevant reports, which can be customised to be council specific. 

Examples of reports include error, asset and project costing. Reporting can be done in various file types including DWG, DXF, SHP, MID/MIF, Excel and CSV. 

Keys benefits of Blackbox22 include: 

  • Tailored as constructed specifications 

  • Simple and intuitive data input 

  • Saves time and resources 

  • Consistent and accurate 

  • In-built quality control 

  • Customised functionalities for individual council requirements 

  • Error detection functionality. 

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